A Renewed Outlook

As the new school year quickly approaches and summer begins to say it’s farewells, it is hard to avoid the dread that surrounds the first sounds of school bells…

Here we go again, another year of the unpredictability of substitute teaching.”

At least those were my first thoughts as I quickly grasped the reality of my future this fall: another year of substitute teaching.

Now don’t get me wrong, there were many things that I loved about substitute teaching last year: the ability to strengthen my skills as a teacher, the chance to get a taste of the wealth of good teaching ideas, building relationships with exceptional educators, and the flexibility of my schedule.

I believe that those pros are only the tip of the ice berg of the wealth of learning opportunities that substitute teaching offers. And that is why this blog was created:

to equip substitute teachers with the ability to perform their job at a superior level, to inspire substitute teachers to set goals and reach them, and to encourage substitute teachers to value their role in the educational world.

So here is to a brand new school year — May it be one full of renewed hope, strength, and perseverance as you live out your life as a daily substitute!

miss miller


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