Back to School Shopping: 3!

I’ve been dedicating several posts to some important back to school shopping picks for substitute teachers. So far, I’ve packed my bag with a planner & personal business cards! Along with those items [and one that I feel is most important]  is a simple notebook!

A notebook?” you ask.

Yes! A notebook! Now let me explain, as a substitute you are going to be walking into some of the BEST and most OUTSTANDING classrooms. You will be surrounded by a wealth of resources, ideas, and examples of fabulous teaching! These experiences should not be left dwelling with the spider webs in the deep recesses of your memories — they should be written down!

So next time you find yourself sitting in the chair of a highly qualified, creative, and resourceful teacher– whip out your handy, dandy notebook and jot it down! Take note of your surroundings, classroom management techniques, unique games/activities, fun songs & movement activities… the possiblities are endless!

Even if you happen to be a part of a less than stellar classroom environment, write down those “do nots” too! Anything that you can reference in the future will help you.

I'm a sucker for Vera, but you can find your favorite notebook at


This past year, I purchased a simple notebook & tabbed it for the different grade levels. It was easy to reference when I had a longer term assignment and needed to find a good weather song or a great creative way to line students up.

Not only is this a smart way to build up your repertoire of teaching tips, but I assure you that it will come in handy when you are preparing for an interview!

miss miller


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