Back to School Shopping: Take Two!

Being savvy

is just as important for a substitute as it is for a businessman. I say that because it is very important  that you are making good contacts and establishing a good network.

One thing that will aid in this endeavour is having your own, personal business card! Which is the second on my list of must-haves for your back to school bag!

Business cards: are effective for handing out contact info to teachers or principals as a way to have your number/email address ready & on hand! For those substitutes in a long-term setting, they are also a great way to establish open communication with parents. You never know when you’ll be in a situation where a crisp, clean, and contemporary business card will help convey a professional and prepared impression! [Note: these cards can jump start a side career, such as tutoring! What a great way to start a personal & educational business!]

DIY using heavy cardstock & Publisher. There you will find a great template that can help you outline a stylish card OR check out one of my favorite websites,, to have a card custom-designed for you!

seller poshgirl boutique offers a wide variety of business cards at

It is appropriate to include: Your name, degree/certification, email & phone number

Business cards are practical & polished. It is a way to make YOU stand out as a professional, leaving quite a nice impression, if I do say so myself!

 miss miller


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