Back to School Shopping: 4th edition

Planner: Check!
Business Cards: Check!
Notebook: Check!

We’ve taken care of some of the essentials of our back to school shopping and now we are left with the extra items that will help you find success in your daily subbing adventures!

  • Colored Markers/Sharpies
  • Stickers
  • Tablet/Post-its
  • Children’s books (1 for primary, 1 for intermediate)
  • Game/Activity (materials or ideas to fill extra time)
  • Whistle (to call in for recess)

[Side note: in addition to these things that will aid in your teaching, you may also want to include these items to spare you from minor disasters — safety pins, asprin, water, tide-to-go pen, mints, tissues, & hand sanitizer]

These items sum up the list of must-haves in your back to school bag! (Though I wouldn’t be surprised if a few other suggestions are added from time to time. Got a good suggestion that wasn’t listed? Comment & share!)

I hope that you are rested & ready to tackle another wonderful school year! Happy preparations & good luck this year!

miss miller


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    Emily said,

    Miss Miller,
    I’m loving reading your blog! I love the notebook idea! I wish I would have thought of that last year because right now I have a zillion little pieces of paper floating around with ideas, songs, names of good books, etc.! I’ve also found (key for teaching music) that it’s helpful to carry CDs of songs/games you’re comfortable with. I imagine it’s similar to carrying a primary and an intermediate book.
    Best wishes for you this year!


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