Staying Connected

“Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.”

Thank you, John Cotton Dana, I couldn’t have said it better myself! We all know the importance of continuing education & continuing in our pursuit of knowledge, but sometimes as substitute teachers it is hard to get plugged-in to places that foster professional development.

Over the next few posts, I want to share a few ideas & resources that can help you stay connected to the ever-changing educational world and give you a leg up during your next round of interviews or observations.

The first method to stay connected is by researching educational organizations within your local district. Math & Reading Associations are common & often just a google search away! These groups provide training to members & non-members alike, offering a wide range of courses and seminars. For teachers in Pennsylvania, visit to find out about a local chapter! Be sure to ask teachers if there are organizations like this in your district in which you can be apart of!

If searching local ends up void, you can also find a great wealth of resources through the International Reading AssociationNational Council of Teachers of Mathematics , National Science Teachers Association , & the list goes on!  There you can find forums, research & reports, lesson plan ideas & so much more! These sources are just the tip of the ice berg. Thanks to sites such as twitter & delicious — teachers can now be linked to professional development resources or even current trends & issues in education.

So take time to do some research, find ways to get connected and stay in the the loop. These asssociations & organizations have a lot to offer in a variety of settings — you are sure to find a way to grow as an educator through them!

miss miller

Want to read more about educational associations & organizations? Read the full list at


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