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De.lic.ious makes staying connected — a treat!

All puns aside, this site is seriously a treasure chest of online gold for teachers!  Are you in the know about

Delicious is an online bookmarking site that allows you to post and find a plethora of websites based on tags or searches. It is like a revved up, personal google that allows you to keep track of all of your favorite websites and have them on hand, regardless if you are on your home computer or not.

Subbing one day and like a site the teacher is using? Go to a conference & learn about a new online resource? Instead of keeping post-it notes and scattered handouts — use delicious as a warehouse for all of those great websites!

What is even better about Delicious is that you can create a list of favorites for your students! Instead of sending home a bulky url, [you know the 54 character ones that include numbers, dashes, slashes, and periods] give a simple link:

WOW! In seconds your students can access ALL of your favorites websites!

Teaching a lesson on multiplication? Need practice websites for the kiddos to access? Consider it done with delicious.

Each site is tagged & given a brief description. Students can quickly find those sites by searching for the topic or clicking on the tag of “math” “multiplication” or “games.”

Think it couldn’t get better? It does!

To the right of every website title, you see a number in a box. With one click, you can see all of the other members who have posted this site. By clicking on to their homepage, you can stumble upon other great websites to add to your bookmarks for future use!

Looking for a fun lesson idea? Need an online game to help with spelling? Search & you will find!

Getting set up with delicious is very simple, requiring only a yahoo account. Go to the homepage, & click the green, join now, button & you’re set to go!

 happy bookmarking!

miss miller


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